• Lightning iFlash USB SDHC Micro SD OTG Card Reader for Android iPhone
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Lightning iFlash USB SDHC Micro SD OTG Card Reader for Android iPhone


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      Main Features

      iFlashDrive is a high-end encrypted storage, can make all your sensitive info (photos, video, word, excel, ppt, pdf, etc) only set up and manage in FlashDrive in order to prevent the info reveal for the device lost. Expand memory of all your IOS devices with this nifty device. It supports SDHC & micro SD card up to class 10 and 32GB(max). Simply plug it into your iPhone or iPad, your device instantly empowered with high speed and large capacity. Comes with 2 in 1 USB + Micro USB plug, compatible with all android phone with micro USB connector. Download a free IOS app for file management, music & video playback and back up your data. No extra app for Android phone, just plug and manage your files with Android built in file management app. Built in USB connector, you can transfer files between PC and smartphone easily!

      Easy to use:
      When you plug in the card reader, there is a notification which guide you to download the app for IOS device. After you install the app on your phone, then you can view,move,delete and edit your files on SD/TF card.

      • Dual interface for PC & I-devices, Lightning + Micro plug for IOS and android devices
      • USB 2.0 FOR Mac & pc, FAST-PERFORMANCE on Transtering and Viewing pics
      • Manage all your Data directly on the IOS-Device and android device
      • External memory expansion with SD Card or TF Card. Great for on the go.
      • One interface for Android Device, you can scan and play your files which are supported by your android phone, such as photos, word, excel, text, music and video ect.

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